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Oct 16, 2011 8:00am PDT
>>> can we ever be truly ready for an earthquake. a geologist and engineer update us on the predictability of disaster and what to do if it happens. >>> and hear ow st. anthony's dining hall serving the city's poor and those newly in the need of help. i am susan sikora, and that is on "bay area focus/black renaissance", next! >>> welcome to "bay area focus." i am susan sikora. tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of the loma earthquake. are we better informed about you are advising the next big one, and do activities elsewhere, like japan and even the east coast help us? we welcome a special scientologist and paleontologist from the u.s. seismic mark. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> let's talk a little about the japanese tsunami and earthquake that happened on narrow 11th. where they -- on march 11th. were they completely unprepared for this? >> they knew the future, the seduction zone, where two pieces of plate come together and one actually dies down below another, that structure was in japan and historically it produced magnitudes of 7.5, to 8 to 8 2q 25 earthqu
Oct 9, 2011 8:00am PDT
years after 9-11, have government precautions made us safer? the aclu weighs in. hear how the edgewood center restores help for children facing abuse and neglect. that's on bay area focus next. >>> welcome to bay area focus. i'm susan sikora. two weeks ago president obama offered a new jobs initiative to boost the economy. just how successful will he be with this plan? and how is the bay area fairing? with some answers we welcome "san francisco chronicle" business columnist kathleen pender. welcome. good to have you here. >> hello. >> before we get to the jobs issue which is huge, another ton of bricks fell on the middle class sholdther past week or so and the thu bank fees. specifically with banc of america but rumors other banks will see how to goes and are ready to go also. tell people how it will work first of all. >> it started a week ago friday when banc of america announced they would start imposing a $5 per month charge on all of their customers who use their debit cards. actually not all their customers there are ways around it. but this will start next year and this upset a l
Oct 23, 2011 8:00am PDT
media photo jenny, good- looking? >> we go back to nixon and kennedy and they don't want to use the makeup and it is this what and kennedy was cool as a cucumber. >> if he was one of the reasons and right now, since kennedy, nixon, all of the stages wherever they have a presidential debate light meat lockers, they are ice cold because nobody wants to sweat. because of what happened to nixon. the sit down and negotiate, can it be colder here, in my podium then it is in the other guy's podium? weird stuff. because everything counts. not just about how you feel about lockboxes on social security, it is the way you say it. and there's many examples of this. >> and also the way you look. look at the women, we saw hillary clinton last round, serotonin, now we see michele bachmann, now a little jacket, it is not the -- a tight bun maybe, very tailored, businesslike. >> the key to it, we have a role in the news hour that i invented a years ago, it is called the -- shirt role. if i am seeing there, i am jim lehrer, i am in the news and i am sitting there with my skivvies sure, why is that fu
Oct 2, 2011 8:00am PDT
employment program and she joins us to talk about how people over 50 can find jobs. how are you, roxanne? >> i am fine. >> explain what your community service is >> it is a work development training program designed to provide assistance to people interested in enhancing their skills. >> so, when you say enhancing their skills, what do you mean? >> well, first they need to identify what their skills are and the areas they can trust as far as employment is concerned, those areas they want to secure employment in. >> so, what you are saying, if somebody is out of work, they need to start looking at their skills and saying what about me is market. >> absolutely. it is important that people are prepared to assess where they are at right now, to best prepare where they want to go as they move forward in the future. >> give us an example of somebody who has used your services. >> well, anybody interested in the senior service community program, there has to be some criteria. they have to be 55 years of age and older, they need to meet the federal guidelines which relate to their current econom
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4